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SJRU Boys XV’s Team Nominations

SJRU XV’s Team Nominations

Please find set out below the links to the Team Nomination for Sunday XVs (including Friday/Sunday XVs for U10-U12) and Friday only XVs.  These forms should be completed and submitted by COB Monday 7th March, 2022 to allow SJRU sufficient time to sort of draws/grades etc for Round 1 of each competition.

Link for Sunday XVs (Control click to follow link): Sunday XVs Team Nomination Form Season 2022

Link for Friday Only XVs (Control click to follow link): Friday Only XVs Team Nomination Form Season 2022

You only need to submit responses for the Competition your club is participating in.  For those Clubs putting teams into both competition, we expect two responses from you.  Also you do not need to submit 0 team responses in age groups where you are entering no team – leave these blank.

I know clubs are continuing to chase registrations and for many it remains early in the season, with fields still being sorted for training etc. 

Do you best to consider the most accurate position for your Club when submitting these forms, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.  Clubs have already contacted us about JV’s, or when they are looking for players or people to join up with – please continue to do this and we will do our best to put you together with other clubs to discuss your options.