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With the regular season now completed we have finally found our winners for the Big and Small ELMO SJRU Club Championships.

Congratulations to our 2022 Winners – Oatley Juniors & Blacktown Scorpions

ELMO Big Club Champions
ELMO Small Club Champions

Similar to what both SRU and NSW Suburban Rugby do, we have introduced a Club Championship Model for our SJRU Competitions (U10 to U18) Boys XV’s.

The Club Championship model is like the Subbies ‘Cowboy Cup’ which is run across divisions. We don’t share the same requirements as senior rugby as to fielding the same number of teams at each club, but we modified this for juniors which will be ‘fit for purpose’

The reasons we are introducing a Club Championship are.

  • To acknowledge and recognize successful junior clubs who show across the board performance
  • By having a points ‘weighting’ for higher grades we are encouraging clubs to strive for higher grades
  • Engendering a whole of club atmosphere where the lowest U10 teams’ results are just as important as the highest U16 teams results to their Club Championship campaign

How it works

The idea of this is for the regular season only. Because each club has different numbers of teams, we will work the arithmetic back to a per team ‘average’ which then enables us to compare for example clubs with 20 teams alongside clubs with 6 teams.

To reduce the impact of statistical anomalies, and to try to compare like for like, we will run two separate Club Championships – A BIG Championships (clubs with 6 teams or more) & a SMALL Championships (clubs with 5 teams or less).

You take the competition points each team earns during the regular season and multiply them by the appropriate multiplier associated with the grade they are playing.

  • A Grade – multiply by 2.0
  • B Grade – multiply by 1.8
  • C Grade – multiply by 1.6
  • D Grade – multiply by 1.4
  • E Grade – multiply by 1.2
  • F Grade or lower – multiply by 1.0

Once multiplied – Add all these points together for all the teams in the club and then divide them by the number of teams that the club has.