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Rugby Xplorer Info

Closing an Age Group
Closing an Age from Registrations
Should you wish to “close” an age from Registrations, the only way is to remove the Player record for that age from Payment Settings. The error will trigger – “Registrations aren’t open”. There is currently no Registrations are closed option. Aiming for 2020.

GST Invoices
If a club wishes to receive an invoice they may request it by emailing us at The only reason we would do this is if they are registered for GST and need a tax invoice to claim the GST on their BAS.

Registration Types
XVs Juniors – SJRU XVs Fri & Sun Competition
7s Junior Girls – Girls 7s Wave 1
7s Juniors – Girls 7s Wave 2

Team Names
The Team Name (in the Team Name field) Format is Uxx Club name (no name is required if only 1 team)

For Friday Nights & Sunday XV Juniors Competitions Team Names will be:
U06 Menai
U09 Hills Red
U10 Dural Blue
U11 Chatswood Highlanders
U13 Penrith RSL

For Girls 7s Wave 1 and Wave 2 team names will be:
U11 Hills White Girls 7s
U15 North Rocks Girls 7s
U15 Dee Why Pink Girls 7s

For XVs Girls Competition (after Wave 1) their team name format will be
U13 Mosman Blue Girls XVs
U11 Gordon Girls XVs