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Learn the laws of the game and qualify to be part of the action.

Information on qualifications, courses and resources to support referees to be well trained, for the betterment of Rugby at all levels of the game.

Becoming a Referee or Assistant Referee

The RA is responsible for course content and accreditation.


Refereeing programs involve Accreditation courses and renewals.


Smart Rugby, is the compulsory minimum requirement for every referee participating in rugby where there is a tackling component (U8+).
Tailored training course for referees working with junior athletes specifically 6-12 year old athletes. Courses are underpinned by fundamentals, understanding modified pathways, and safe practices. Smart Rugby is an on line course and is an OH&S requirement. Accreditation lasts for 2 years and then requires renewal.

Refereeing Kids Rugby

Open to anyone over the age of 13, the tailored courses provides training for refereeing ages groups U8 to U12. Accreditation includes attending a Refereeing Kids Rugby course and then passing Refereeing Kids Rugby online exam.

Level 1 Accreditation

Tailored course provides training for refereeing ages U13 to adult rugby. The course includes attending a Foundation Course, completing a Level 1 Referee Law Exam and passing a Level 1 Referee Competency Assessment. Once completed, referees must join a local Referee Association.


Assistant Refereeing Kids Rugby
In order to be an Assistant Referee in matches of age group Under 8 to Under 12, you need to complete the online Assistant Refereeing Kids Rugby course.

Assistant Referee Level 1 Accreditation
In order to be an Assistant Referee in matches of age group Under 13 and above, you need to attend a Level 1 Assistant Referee Course and complete the online Level 1 Assistant Referee Exam.


The Australian Rugby Union grants levels of accreditation, approved by the Australian Sports Commission, to course participants who fulfill the requirements at each level.
NSW Rugby Union run numerous courses during the year at major venues with professionally trained staff.