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Match Day App

Match Day App
  1.  Teams MUST be submitted prior to start of game to score in the App
  2.  Team Admin access must be granted to score for the team
  3.   Team Managers to liaise and decide – 2 options only
    1. Both choose – Score for my team
    2. One chooses – Score for both teams
      No other combination should be used (it will duplicate the score)
  4.  The Timer is a guide only – it goes to sleep if your phone goes into lock
  5.   Press “play” to start the match
  6.   Record the tries against the relevant player
  7.   Record the conversions against the relevant player.
  8.   At Half Time press H/T
  9.   Returning for the 2nd half – press play
  10.   Full time – press Stop and check score, then press Confirm

If you make a mistake – select Feed and press the red minus sign to delete
Red, Yellow, Blue Cards, Serious Injury and Subs
Press Movement to enter a Red, yellow or blue card or Serious Injury
There is no requirement to enter subs
Uncontested Scrums
Press 3 dots in the top right corner and select Uncontested Scrums and complete screen.

Match Day App Demo – Click on Play at the bottom of the video to start the Video.

SJRU Match Day Manual Version 3
Sydney Juniors – Competition Playing Rules – 2019 – Version 16 – Final