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SJRU U11 GIRL’S FROSTY TRI-SERIES – Saturday Night Under Lights

Sydney Junior Rugby Union Club welcomes clubs and their teams of under 11’s Girls to play in a Tri-Series tournament, held under lights, on a Saturday night. With the older girls doing XV’s (or 12’s in the U14) this series is aimed to fill the void between Sizzling and Frosty 7’s but to also give the girls a slight taste of the fuller versions of rugby.

The aim of the tournament is to give the under 11’s players (and more importantly their parents) a bit of exposure as to a bigger format game and fills the pathway piece from 7’s to eventually the XV’s game. Thus, we will be playing as a 10 a side tournament.

We are mimicking the Hunters Hill Dufficy Cup format for this series – which has worked well for the boys over the past 15 years.

The format allows for full field games (SJRU U11’s rules). But this may limit our capacity for team nominations – so act fast.

We are looking to host at three venues – Terrey Hills, Boronia Park & Mittigar. All will be under lights on a Saturday night. The Individual Tournaments within the series will be known as;

  • ‘The Queen of the Hill’
  • ‘The Pink Dufficy’
  • ‘The Duchess of the West’

This year we are holding THREE Pre-Frosty events for U11’s.

  • Saturday 7th May 2022 starting at 6.00pm – Terrey Hills Oval, Terrey Hills
  • Saturday 21st May 2022 starting at 6.00pm – Boronia Park, Hunters Hill
  • Saturday 4th June 2022 starting at 6.00pm – Mittigar Reserve, Hassell Grove


The format is to play “under 11” rules and full field size (sidelines 5m in) in a round robin tournament. Teams will be 10 players per side with unlimited interchange. Squads are limited to 16 players. Each team will get a minimum of 3 pool games with the top sides in each pool then competing for the final.

Each game is 20 minutes – 10 min halves with 1 min only for half time.

No Entry Fee – this is included in your Yearly 7s fees or the Frosty wave fees. Please make sure you support the Canteen at the venues each week.


***Please note – Due to ground and time restraints of playing at night, we may have limited team capacity per event (playing full field) – so nominate quickly.


The games will be played under SJRU / Pathway U11 rules, with the exception that there will be uncontested scrums (as the girls haven’t learnt that skill as yet). It is full field (with side lines in 5m) and the girls can use all the skills in the game ie kicking in general play etc. There will be conversions but to save time these will be drop goals only. There is no extra time or injury time.

There will be a compulsory Coaches and Managers meeting held 15 min before the first game. Please make sure representatives from your team are in attendance to go over the details of the tournament.

Each team will be required to provide an Assistant Referee (Touch Judge) to run the line for their games.

Each Team will be required to provide a Ground Marshall for each of their games (see below for more detail) – this person MUST be identifiable in an Orange Ground Marshall vest.

Teams are expected to have their coaches and reserves in the player box provided – coaches are not to patrol the sidelines, nor can they run on the field for a quick chat at tries or stoppages.

All substitutions MUST be done thru the Assistant Referee (AR) – players coming onto the field are to go and stand next to the AR who will liaise with the referee to make the substitutions at a stoppage in play (note a penalty Is NOT a stoppage). We do this to avoid the minis style “running of the bulls” type substitutions.

Each team may have a maximum of TWO water runners (not the coach) whom need to wear a bib to identify them – who must remain in the team box till a stoppage.

Point Scoring

Each team will receive 4 competition points for a win, 3 points for a draw and 2 points for a loss. The team at the top of each pool shall be decided upon by

  • Competition points firstly,
    • If competition points are equal, then decided by greater “for and against”,
    • If still equal then by team with most points “for”,
    • If still equal, then by team that won the clash between the two respective teams,
    • If this clash was a draw, then by team that scored first try in this clash,
    • If still equal, then by “toss of a coin”.

Code of Behaviour and Ground Marshall Responsibilities

This tournament is all about providing an opportunity for players to experience the bigger format of the game in a fun and safe environment.

But to be honest it is probably just as much about showing the parents and coaches what to expect as well – plus what is expected of them. Things like providing an Assistant Referee and Ground Marshall will be new to them.

For the coaches it is vitally important that they set the example and standard for their players to respect the referee. Having coaches scream at the referee from the box will NOT be tolerated and the team may be asked to withdraw from the tournament immediately if this happens.

The Ground Marshall’s responsibility is to ensure that your teams supporters adhere to the ‘code of behaviour’ – ie not yelling at the referee, staying behind the ropes etc.

Signs will be on display reminding everybody of what is expected. A referee is well within his rights to stop a game and call for the Ground Marshall to take control of any spectators breaching the code. So, it is a serious role.