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Maqro partners with SJRU to bring the new MAQRO Sydney Cups & U12 Dev Gala

We are very pleased to announce that Maqro Capital Pty Ltd will be partnering with SJRU in 2022 to help bring a number of new initiatives to the junior rugby landscape. These include a new range of Maqro Sydney Cups which will become part of the State Championships and also a new Maqro U12 SJRU Gala Carnival.

Maqro Sydney Cup

As a major change to the NSWJRU State Championships format, we have seen the NSW Country Champs rolled into the same weekend and will now double as the State Champs pool games. This has created a similar option for the metropolitan Districts on the other side of the draw and as such we will now be running a new Maqro Sydney Cup over the first two days of the State Champs (and these double as pool games for State Champs)

The format will have the Sydney Districts (and potentially any external sides such as WA Barbarians) split into TWO pools. These pools will play each other on the Saturday afternoon we will have the teams playing their same ranked team in the other pool (ie 1st vs 1st, 2nd vs 2nd etc). This will see the top ranked SJRU Districts play each other for the Maqro Sydney Cup and giving us a ranking of all the SJRU Districts (and that side of the draw) at the end of day 2.

From here, on the Monday, we move directly into the NSWJRU State Champs Finals series. These will be held in a Cup/Plate/Bowl format so it ensures that on the final day we should have a fairly equitable level of strength across the 3 levels of competition.

U12 Development Carnival

A unforeseen consequence from Covid lockdowns has meant that the current 2021 U11 age group has now gone thru 2 seasons where they have missed out on the chance to attend the Positive Rugby Foundation NSWJRU State Gala. For those unaware this is a Development Rep Carnival where we offer the chance for Districts to send TWO teams (squads of 18 each) in U10 & U11 ages for a chance to play some Developmental Reps at a gala with no finals – more a festival of rugby.

I appreciate that most of the kids will have the opportunity to play Reps at U12 level – where squads of 23 or 25 players are selected. But this does mean that the next 11 or 13 players will miss out completely on the experience. NSW Country are moving to a model next year where their Country Champs will involve TWO teams in both the U12 and U13 levels – so they have this hole covered. But our SJRU Districts do not.

As such we are running an Maqro U12 SJRU District Development Gala for 2022 to fill this gap – potentially a one-off gala but if it is a success then we can reconsider. The format and conditions are;

  • Date 9th & 10th July
    • Yes, it is in the middle of the school holidays – people can choose whether or not to participate
  • No finals – gala style only
  • Players that played at the State Champs (for their own district) are ineligible to be included
    • This is not for State Champs players to get a second run – for inexperienced players to get a chance (will give a whole new cohort a positive rugby experience)
    • Players who missed their home District but then went and helped another District (like Wests or Uni) are fine to be included
      • Increased brand alignment to home District but still allows the support for other smaller Districts at State Champs level
    • We may need to offer ‘exemptions’ for smaller districts like Uni and Wests if they want to be involved as may not have numbers
    • Means that the ‘top’ players in age group should be out of the equation meaning those next tier players will get a chance  
    • Builds ‘depth’ for every District as we head into the teen years – retention benefits
  • Venue will be Nepean Rugby Park

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